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What could take place if we decided to be our authentic selves? What if we decided to live from our hearts? What if we acted with courage and compassion? What if we really believed we were all connected?

We believe that we can be the best version of our selves when we decide to live a life of authenticity and connectedness.

Our world is often a place of divisive, independent, and competitive motives.  The voice of society tells us how to live, who we should be, how to look, and how to act. Over time, our hearts have become caged in an apathy that can limit our potential.

Through trainings, events, and resources, The Authenticity Project seeks to break down those barriers of belief in society while giving people permission to be authentic and live from their hearts. We are on a journey to inspire people to live with courage and compassion creating a global community of change.

We hope your visit to our site encourages you, and just maybe you open that cage and set your heart free being authentic in every way you can! The Authenticity Project web site is dedicated to offering people a place to not only connect with others who seek to live from their hearts, but also to provide various forms of encouragement with exciting and challenging weekly content right here on our site! You never know what you might find when you visit The Authenticity Project, or who you might meet through interviews and special guest writers.

Welcome to a different way of being that each of us believes in as we too journey into the great wide open land of possibility! Our team is glad you are here!

Send us an e-mail if your'e interested in partnering with us in this journey or have any questions about how The Authenticity Project can help you and your organization.

Creative Director, Heidi-    authenticityheidi@gmail.com

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