One Grain Project

What will you do with your one grain of influence?

What will you do with your one grain of influence?

Here at the Authenticity Project, our hope is that you will honor that unique spark that only you have! We hope that every project we launch inspires your heart to do the leading! We invite you to join us with the One Grain Project and unite with a community of people all over the world committed to making their one grain count.

So what is the One Grain Project?

In 2013 we launched the Rice Experience, an inspiring presentation equating one grain of rice to one individual life. If you have not seen a Rice Experience presentation yet, we encourage you check out the Rice Experience tab on our home page and take in the little video we posted. This will give you a glimpse into what we are up to here at The Authenticity Project, and perhaps we can connect with an event in your community.

If you have been a part of The Rice Experience, then you know exactly the power of that one grain of influence. We are excited to count you as a part of a larger community of people who are ushering in a wave of positive!

But, we know firsthand that figuring out how to use that unique spark can be hard at times, and once you find your path, you have muster all the courage you can to burn bright!  So we invite you to share with us here at The One Grain Project!

We want you to share how you are using your one grain of influence so we can continue to inspire each other!

Just send us and email telling us how that one grain of yours is launching positive change, and feel free to include pictures or even video, and we will post those ideas here on our site! We also will feature some of these inspiring ideas on The Authenticity Project Facebook page!!!

So...What will you do with your one grain of influence?