The Rice Experience

                What would happen if we really understood what millions looked like?

If you have been looking for a unique presentation for your organization, group, high school, or college, we would love to partner with you to help shift perspectives and inspire the heart. We believe that living authentically requires us to take an honest look at the world around us so we can see where our talents may best be used. When we see the walk of others, our hearts soon remind us of our individual spark and all the talents we have been given. Humanity needs each of us to live boldly, and we hope this presentation inspires you to follow your heart and become a force of positive.

The Rice Experience has inspired thousands of people, and we look forward to collaborating with your group!    

The Rice Experience is a bold and empowering presentation that takes the audience on a journey opening hearts to the reality of millions worldwide while unlocking the power in each of us to leave a legacy of change. Equating one grain of rice to one human life, more than 600 pounds of rice are poured out shifting audience perspective as millions of grains pile up.

Created by former high school teacher Heidi Rickard, the Rice Experience begins with a few grains of rice in your hand.  Slowly, millions of grains are poured out as Heidi shares the story of devastating human loss in the past 100 years due to acts of genocide including the current loss in Darfur and the Congo. Using music and stories, Heidi opens this chapter of our human history in a way that allows the audience to connect to the path of others around the world. These piles of rice evoke an incredible response in all who see the Rice Experience opening a heart of authenticity.

Empowerment and Legacy

The second part of the presentation offers the unique opportunity to connect your heart to action as stories are shared of people who have overcome injustice. Jars of Justice are placed on top of the piles representing individuals who have stood for those with no voice. These tiny grains remind us that our grain of influence goes far beyond our current path leaving ripples of change as we create our own legacy. Through the Rice Experience, we challenge you to examine the power you hold in your one grain of influence, and at the end of the presentation each person is given the opportunity to sign their own One Grain legacy card.

This 45 minute Presentation will leave you inspired to live out who you are in your heart while connecting to those who have walked before you. The Rice Experience has become a pivotal point of change and inspiration for thousands of students and all types of audiences.

                                     How will you use your one grain of influence?

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