How to bring the Rice Experience to your organization:

Please read through the four following steps!

Step 1- Evaluate Your Presentation Space-

The Rice Experience will require a fairly large open space so the audience can gather around the presentation area, and easy access to unload the 600 pounds of rice and other materials. We also appreciate it when the presentation venue has sound and video capabilities. Tight on space? Don't worry, just let us know what you will have available and we will figure out how we can make it happen! Our presenter, Heidi, began doing this lesson in her high school classroom, so we know we can make it work in a tight space too!

Step 2- Select a Presentation Option-

#1-The Original Rice Experience -Time Length - 45 min  

This original Rice Experience presentation uses over 600 pounds of rice and covers nine genocides from the past 100 years including Darfur, Congo, Rwanda, Bosnia, Pol Pot's genocide in Cambodia, The Holocaust, Stalin's Forced Famine, The Rape of Nanking, and the Armenian genocide. This presentation features an introduction video, Heidi's personal story of how she was impacted by survivors of genocide, a brief overview of all nine genocides covered, the pouring of the rice for the genocides, and the Jars of Justice placement focusing on the those who have stood against hate and persecution.

At the end of the presentation, each audience member is challenged to sign a One Grain Legacy card sharing their commitment to use their one gain of influence. We invite each person to select one gain of rice, and we mount the rice grain on their card. These cards can be posted at your venue or taken home by each participant as a reminder of their commitment.

#2-The Rice Experience with Survivor Justin Semahoro- Time Length- 90 min

This presentation starts with the original presentation, but the audience will also hear the amazing and inspiring true story of a Banyamulenge Tutsi survivor from the Congo, Justin Semahoro Kimenyerwa. This presentation blends beautifully the story of millions of grains along with the story of Justin's unbelievable escape and survival. Justin will leave you inspired to become who you are in your heart never allowing anything to hold you back from creating a legacy of change.

Inviting Justin to speak will leave a profound impact on the hearts of all who are a part of this presentation. Please note that Justin's visit requires airfare from St. Louis, lodging, and an additional speaking fee of $1000 separate from Rice Experience presentation fee.

#3-The Rice Experience Global Issues Co-Creating Opportunity

Do you have a topic you would like us to address? Are you looking for a way to inspire your group or organization? Would you like to see the global or local issue you are involved with displayed in terms of rice? Looking for a unique motivation tool? We would love to work with you to create a presentation unique to your group. The Rice Experience has been used for many different issues, and we would love to partner with your organization to create something unique.

Step 3- Read Over Our Presentation Information and Requirements-

We want to make sure your event venue will work with the presentation. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions you may have about the presentation.  Email -

Rice Experience Presentation Information and Requirements

·         Each presentation will require an additional 40 minutes of initial unpacking and set up time, and the rice piles can be cleaned up in 15-20 min. The rice is heavy to transport and easy access to the presentation area is preferred. The rice is dumped out on a large black cloth and is returned to the same bags used to dump the rice. We reuse the rice. The floor will need to be vacuumed after the presentation.

·         The presentation is best on a large open floor where participants can gather around the presentation area. Using this floor set up, we can accommodate groups of about 120 and is excellent for facilitating natural conversation afterward. The presentation can also be performed on a stage, but we do recommend that the audience is allowed to come up after the presentation to view the rice, as it is more powerful to view the piles up close.

·         The presentation requires the ability to play a music CD or mp3 device, the ability to display a power point presentation,  and a DVD with projection if available.  We will have our own PC laptop and will bring audio equipment incase of sound malfunction on site.

·         This is a very powerful presentation around the topic of genocide, and even though we are sensitive to this, we suggest people are made aware that this presentation will cover graphic material pertaining to acts of genocide and violence prior to their arrival. This presentation is not recommended for children below the age of 12.


Step 4- Please email us at

Once You have decided what type of event you would like to host, and you have evaluated the event space, please email us with your name, organization name, location the event will take place, and the time frame you would like to host your event. Please also share a little about why you are interested in hosting the Rice Experience. This will allow us to begin communication and collaborate to create the best event for you and our team. Event pricing can also be determined once we know more about your location and the type of event you would like to host.