We believe in taking time to soak in new thoughts, explore who we can become, and re-charge our hearts! Soon we will be offering retreats and trainings to encourage and equip each other to live a life of Authenticity and Connectedness. Our society seldom provides us a chance to truly reflect and take the space to discover who we are so we can learn how to live from a place of courage instead of the fear we are often inundated with daily. Through our unique retreats, we seek to offer you the chance to reconnect with your heart so you can give yourself permission to live the life that is waiting for you! Our retreat content and programs are created in-house by our dedicated and experienced Authenticity Project team members. Our programs range from 1-5 days in length, are held throughout the United States, and our trainings can be centered on the needs of a specific group. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a retreat in your area. Are you ready to see what kind of life can unfold when you live from your heart?