Rememories to See

Tilt your eyes to the light and you might

Switch your view with a click of the stick

Click the ticket that gave you something new

Pictures of where the things are, there

Slides of reality filtered in the monocular vision

Eyes divided and a mind united

Take something of division and solve its sum

Or perhaps some of its color when you uncover

The truth locked in the far light.

Tramp down the hall and scratch on the wall

And look at the memories framed

In gloss that’s shined and past

Life so defined and begged to last

When the lights explode and smile swallowed

When the trapped teeth and lip script

Stuck in a cellophane reality that can

Bleed the chemical bath of life

To reveal the pain that is melted behind

The mat, on the ground where you

Cover and wipe away your dirty path

Showing the state of bliss only true

To the people who know its not you

A mat to wipe, a frame to imprison

A moment too good to be the life you

Lust and learn is just a chemical burn.

Look in your cock pit or that place with cash

The black pit of change and mints

Find the picture or piece of the permanent

Ink that blots your thread

To the life instead that you choose to lead

Someone there for you to swear

Is vital to past participles

What you could have had,

Who made you bad,

Or what’s watered your sad

Small business cards of the blues,

Whites of the teeth not just on

Appointment cards we gamble with

But pocket pics of more than dicks,

It’s the people we glean

From the harvest of the world

To feed our sick stock from life’s clock

That ticks the stills we hold.

You use your thumb to trigger

The gun that fires shots of your past

Fresh time and place defined in the

Unforgiving sight of a sound that’s single,

Sided in an instant development,

Life illuminated from behind

The lines that defined who would win control

Of where the whole could suck you,

Into the fruitful fall or Sondheimist Springs

Places who remember your memoires

In banked flurries.

Rememories of litteries that are yet truition bound

We mold and slur our lives

Into the blurred lines of

Running beside the lens of now

Only to fool the eyes of tomorrow

How we pull the wool over the shutter

Of a cannon that destroys just as easily

As the film it uses to point fingers

And bullets shot can be the ammo we shoot

The unknown boot left with a helmet

Or the men struggling to hold

The American quilt that’s just

Blood, purity, and the blues swingin jazz

Of a way to remember the pain

Not capture its profiled acclaim.

Rememories are as fresh as the next step

You take to get beyond the gate

Of stalled perception and into the gear

That will grind you from the fear

That a glazed over glare

Requires you to stare down

Into the pit to prepare.

You who get the master view

People who stare at just what to do

Secrets of the viewfinder for the few

Who can look forward to what was

And back at what’s new.

Click, turn.

Click, turn.

*You spin my head right round, right round

Click, turn

Feel the technical burn of the images

Stilled on the paper map of the past

Shined with your perception

And recalled with human connection

To the intersection of what’s been

A map headed in a frozen direction.

Guest Contributor: Kody Maynard

Kody is the Program Coordinator for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Resource Office at the University of Northern Colorado

You can contact Kody at his office: 970-351-2906 or