What Adults Should Tell Kids

About a week ago, my history teacher asked me, “What do you wish adults would tell kids?” At first, my mind was blank, but after more thinking I realized what I truly wish I had heard when I was younger, so here goes…

I wish that adults told me to color outside the lines. Seriously, don’t you miss coloring? I do. I remember when it was so fun to get a pack of crayons and just be free with a piece of paper. Scribbles would go everywhere across my page, it was my own masterpiece.  Adults would tell me all the time: “Color inside the lines, it will make it prettier.” I was told everyday in pre-school to color as carefully as possible inside the lines. As time passed, I did. I would freak out if even a little bit of color was outside that thick black line. Now, when I color I can’t help but be a perfectionist about staying inside the lines. Today I colored outside the lines while I was babysitting; I felt so free and happy. It made my whole day so fresh and crazy and new; I hadn’t felt that free in a long time.

Don’t you want to feel little and free again? 

Well today, I dare you to “color outside the lines”.

I wish adults told me to follow my heart. Sure, there are always a few that tell you that, but I want an adult to tell me with complete confidence that I can make a difference by just being me.  I want to feel more important to the world. I’m not some dumb teenager; I am a young adult and I can do things no one ever thought possible. Every kid has a big dream about their life when they are young, but how often do children follow their heart and fulfill their dreams? Did you? Sitting in on a class the other day we had discussion and it got to a point where we talked about our passions. Gradually everyone began to talk. Their faces lit up with such joy and happiness when they got to say proudly what their passion was. It made my day.  My dream is to go to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and be a cheerleader. I want to double major in secondary education and English, and that’s just the beginning.

Did you have a dream like that?

Who told you to make it happen?

So tomorrow, I dare you, to dream.

Lastly, I wish more adults told me to love. In this world there is too much hate. It’s everywhere. Being a teenager is hard and any hatred can tear you apart. When we are little adults tell us to love one another; to treat others how we want to be treated. Well no offense, but that is a bunch of crap. Yea, I said it. Do you treat others, no matter who they are, with respect and love? Adults need to do more than tell kids how to love; adults need to show kids how to love. 

What were you told about love when you were little?

Did you hear about it often? Did you say I love you often?

So not just today, not just tomorrow, but for the rest of your life

I dare you to love.

I could go on for hours about what I wish adults would have told me when I was little, but these few things are what I truly wish I was told. They were, and are, important to me. So just remember to live crazy, live your dream and love lots. I dare you.

Guest Contributor: Sarah Nelson, Eleventh-Grade Student