A Whole New View

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A Whole New View

Why is it easier to slump into a bad mood than it is to crawl out of one? After reading a recommended book and a few conversations later I realized that the answer to crawling out always seemed to point back to gratitude. How can you remain in a sour mood when your focus is on all the things you are thankful for? Those thoughts of gratitude tend to push the negative, frustrated thoughts right out the door.

However, I seem to have a very short memory as I soon forget that I was on the search for small and big things to be thankful for. I’d recently read about a challenge to write down 1,000 (that’s right, one thousand) blessings. Daunting task!  But, I was curious so I started a journal to tote around and record those moments, people, and mundane parts of life that are actually things I’m quite grateful for. Since working on this


project I’ve noticed a switch in how I look at the world. All of a sudden I am constantly searching for that next moment I can be a part of, be thankful for and remember in a few words scribbled in a notebook:

The sticky, sweet mess of a summer peach.

The overwhelming mixed aroma of a spice cupboard.

An old sage eating lemon cake watching the world buzz by.

The words collect in this notebook, but bigger than that, and even bigger than the challenge to count to one thousand (and beyond) is the fact that I am taking these moments to stop and really see. Really look at others and my surroundings without judgment, and instead to authentically be in each of these moments. It’s not perfect and I still get cross when someone cuts me off in traffic, or I miss the bus to work, but I’m slowly learning how to re-direct and still look for the good that is all around me.

My challenge for you on this Monday (notorious for being the ‘let-down’ after the weekend – thus, a perfect day to start) is to look at the world through a renewed lens of gratefulness. Share some of your discoveries and get ready to smile.

If you want to join the challenge of finding 1,000 things to be grateful for grab a notebook and start looking with an open heart! You can also tweet with the hash tag #smallblessingsproject and share your inspiration!

Happy searching!

-Jennifer Anderson is a Team Member of The Authenticity Project

You can Contact Jennifer at TheAuthenticityProject@gmail.com