what if?

  • What if we encouraged each other to do one crazy thing a day?
  • What if we all just stopped pretending that we were right?
  • What if we looked in the mirror and smiled?
  • What if we let the other person go first?
  • What if we believed all humans were actually created equal?
  • What if we listened to the news less, and music more?
  • What if we ate healthy 6 days a week and went nuts on the 7th?
  • What if we stopped shaving?
  • What if we just let kids play sports for fun and exercise?
  • What if we were totally honest with at least one person?
  • What if we settled all our differences with pillow fights?
  • What if we let people love us for just who we are?
  • What if we shared?
  • What if we respected the elderly and protected our kids?
  • What if we all volunteered for one hour a week?
  • What if we stopped looking at each other’s butts?
  • What if we paid teachers more than professional athletes?
  • What if we all agreed enough with the smartphones, it's time for jetpacks!?
  • What if we all took a 20-minute nap at 2:30 everyday?
  • What if we acknowledged other people’s beliefs as valid as our own?
  • What if we stopped feeling guilty and just did something about it?
  • What if we started each day with a quiet cup of coffee and a deep breath?
  • What if we loved more, judged less, and stopped honking in traffic?

What if I did any of these…just one, for one week?

What if you did it too?

What if we…?