Are you doing the Apathetic Shuffle?

What’s holding you back today?

Opening scene of Joe vs. The Volcano

Opening scene of Joe vs. The Volcano

There’s a scene in Joe vs. The Volcano (seriously good 90’s stuff – you’ve should check it out!) where everyone trudges into work. Ominous music plays, feet shuffle apathetic, gray skies ahead, muddy path…a scene lacking life. Because life implies growth – movement – passion – LIGHT! Even when life throws you lemons, there is still an alertness and understanding of pain, and hopefully comfort from those around you. But too many have settled for an apathetic, guarded existence because it’s too much. It’s tough to get involved and care. You lay yourself out, exposed, and there is always the risk for rejection and hurt. No one is immune to pain and hurt and embarrassment, so that risk is a bit imminent in one form or another, so the good news?! There is also JOY. Vibrant life which is marked by your energy, hope and willingness to try. And that takes courage and vulnerability and the authentic you.

Who is the authentic you?

Can you see that person?

Can others see that person?

There is a ticket booth where you get to jump on the train of living authentically.

But many are stuck at the ticket booth. Excuses of outrageous price (it is a steep one: allowing yourself to be vulnerable can take a lot of energy and courage). Or what if the ticket booth is closed by the time you get there? Just confirmation that you waited too long and couldn’t really catch the train anyways - one more notch in the “I knew I wasn’t good enough” stick.  

Guess you’ll have to just try it – see what that ticket booth has for you. And better yet, where that train could take you! No promised rainbows and butterflies or the land of milk and honey, but I can guarantee you that living as who you truly and uniquely are will be the most energizing trip and the most important one.

What do you love?  

What gives you energy?

What is your definition of living authentically?

Will those just be jotted words in a notebook? Rolling around as “too big”, or, did you just buy your ticket?