Living the Crazy Life

“Happiness can exist only in acceptance”. – George Orwell

Think about the happiest moment of your life. Who were you with? What made you so happy? How long did that feeling last? The answers to these questions are different for everyone. However, it might be safe to say that no matter whom you are or what your experience was, you never get that same feeling of nirvana when you think back to it. Yeah, it will put a smile on your face, but the feeling that ran through your body in that moment is now only a memory.

These moments come and go in everyone’s life but they are not what make you happy as a person. Happiness comes with your acceptance of yourself.

How many times have you kept yourself from doing something that you really felt compelled to follow through with for the mere fact that you thought people would think differently of you? In essence, what you have just done is let someone else’s (possible) thoughts keep you from giving yourself a sense of happiness.

Love yourself. Accept yourself.

Push yourself to take that leap to learn about yourself and find out whom you are. Do not let the thoughts of what others might think hold you back. They might think you are insane, but who cares?

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination”. – Mark Twain

Be the daring person that your neighbor will talk about. In today’s society we can all be viewed as one of three things; unhappy, content or happy. If doing what you know will make you lead a happier life, makes you seem ridiculous to onlookers…then whatever you are doing is working.

Have you ever really seen someone in action doing what he or she truly loves? When someone like that grasps that moment and lets it engulf them, they really can look crazy with happiness, and I for one, wish that we all can live our lives feeling that same sense of insanity. Let go and love yourself. Love what makes you happy.

Never settle with being content when true happiness is within eyesight.

Ben Heydt is the Media Director for The Authenticity Project, you can contact Ben at