The Eye of the Beholder

Most people have heard the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but is that true? Is it even fair? If beauty is only seen by the beholder, then isn’t beauty terribly subjective? To say that beauty is determined by each individual who sees life differently through various ‘lenses’, backgrounds and passions means that something, someone could be deemed as lacking beauty; simply because of seeing from a different vantage point.

For example, most can agree that the Grand Canyon is a sight of beauty: the vastness, the colors, and the appreciation for such a view. But, what about the graffiti scribbled on the red brick? Some might call it defacement…ugly; others would see it as an enhancement, beauty. So which one is it – beautiful, or not? (Aside from a whole other discussion on the argument of right/wrong use of graffiti)!

Instead, I think beauty is something I believe we discover through understanding, through observation and an openness to learn and receive something different or uncomfortable than your normal routine. There will be things you are naturally drawn to that are beautiful, that not everyone will see. There is also beauty that is seen only by looking through someone else’s lens to see what they see. 

Where do you find beauty? Are you looking for it, or does it slip by while your nose is buried in your phone, or email, or just life?

How do you find it: a busy street or a quiet escape?

And most importantly, how are you sharing it?

-Jennifer Anderson is Content Director of The Authenticity Project, you can contact Jennifer at