The Unfolding New: Growing the Life We Want

This month, as spring prepares for another season of growth, our TAP team looks inward to our own hearts and the continuing seasons of growth in our own lives.

Are we ready for the new growth that is waiting for each of us?

Do we anticipate the process of new breaking through, or is the old underbrush poised to choke out rising growth?  

The process of taking care of our heart is much like the needed tending of gardens. There is a process and when we embrace that process for what it is, not trying to jump past the hard work that is necessary, we create the perfect space for a new version of ourselves to emerge. As we work through this month, we will be examining the essential steps in this process of tending to our hearts, but know that this will also require a heavy dose of honesty. Our team is ready to kick this project up a notch and as we move forward we hope that you find yourself challenged by the thoughts we share here at The Authenticity Project website. Get ready, for we are about to root out the weeds of apathy and vines of fear that keep us from living out the life we hear calling to us.

So if you find yourself this month reading a journal article, having a little soul coffee, or watching an interview, and you suddenly feel that heart being tugged a little stronger than usual, don't be surprised. Our hope is that you won't back down or “numb-out” by clicking away from the hard work that needs to be done. We have two months until summer and we have some work to do. The change many of us seek arises best when the soil in our heart is well prepared, and our past experiences, much like mature plants and shrubs, have been pruned to encourage stronger growth. All this preparation does not just happen, we have to get in there and be willing to work.

The Authenticity Project team promises to pull out all the stops over the next few months and by the end of summer we hope to see some incredible things emerge. Harvest is going to very different in a few months. Say goodbye to the weeds of apathy, the tired soil lacking nutritious thoughts, and the vines of fear that smother new buds. It is time to tend to our hearts. This is going to be a good life, take that thought in, and let that heart begin to see the possible. Are you ready to see what lies dormant just below the surface? Get your tough gloves on, this is gonna be good!


Take an honest look at your heart's garden. What is the condition of this garden? NO sugar coating here, let's be honest.

What is the first thing you can see that without a doubt needs conscious tending?

Draw it out, write, share with friend, email us here at TAP, or post right here on this site.

So what about me, am I just writing this or what? Before I can even begin, I need to first admit that this garden is worthy. EVERY corner is worth being loved, EVERY CORNER!! Nothing deserves to be punished or belittled any longer. I am me, weeds, unruly shrubs, thirsty roots, and damn good potential lost under the fear. Time to love ME with the same intensity I give to others. And enough with the apologies for needing the love we are about to send out in this garden. Gloves on, baby!

We are in this with you! Let's have some conversation!