Life Garden Supplies

You know when you hear someone say: “I have a plan that I am going to follow through with," there is a likelihood that they will never actually complete it because when the going gets tough everything in their “5-year plan” crumbles apart only to leave that person confused as to how they ended up where they are.

What could it be that can so easily ruin a person’s plan to do something that they have every intention of following through with? It is clear that the majority of the time the decision is in order to make a change that is much needed in their life, or maybe just to reach a goal that they would like to meet. I believe it is important to do your best to not deviate from your plan if you know it can take you to the destination that you long dream of.

Just like preparing for a spring garden in your yard, before you can enjoy the beautiful final product, you must prep weeks beforehand in order to get the best results.

Supplies needed for a Life Garden:

A Safe Area in the Yard: Choose a place in your life that you want to work away from or work towards that is safe from predators, accessible, and visible for you to admire when you look out the window. In other words, keep that goal realistic and in where you will be reminded of where you are headed often.

Quality Soil: Sit down and spread out a plan that you can plant everything into without feeling worried or hesitant about it. Without a quality plan, nothing can grow to its full potential. Think about time-frame, who will help support and encourage you and of course why this work is important to you!

Your Desired Seeds: Only commit yourself to the things that you want to see growth in from your plan. There is no need for extra colors to make your garden look prettier. They will only take up space. Stick to your essentials.

Plenty of Water and Sunlight: Surround yourself with those friends in your life that are supportive and willing to lend a hand to help your plan grow. Those people in your life can be the sunlight that will combat all the darkness you may run into from what I like to call, a “negative Nancy”. Finally, give the garden plenty of water. Give it all the attention and care it deserves. Without it, the garden will wither and die before you can see the beauty that it holds within.

Ben Heydt is the Media Director for The Authenticity Project; you can contact Ben at