Step 1: Don't Hide


Most people swoon at the word.

But I tend to bury myself back in the book I was reading to avoid that conversation. Phew, that was close.

I am not one to get excited about change or leap before I look or just be plain impulsive. I don’t long for the new, the wild, the unknown. I am quite cozy with the familiar, the comfortable.

But, I have to admit, adventure is good for you. Taking risks is a good thing when they launch you forward in a positive momentum. It doesn’t work out every time, but somehow that’s always turned out ok.

And while staying home has its season too, don’t pass up an adventure. Don’t stop dreaming of new adventures. And when you're on the cusp of taking that first step and feel so pulled to stay right where you are because it would just be easier, simpler, less terrifying. Don’t do it. Take that step on the adventure you know you’re being called to – large or small. Signing up for that pottery class you've always been interested in or picking up and moving to a brand new place because you know you can’t stay where you are and thrive.

This weekend is a small example of my internal struggle with greeting adventure excitedly: my husband and I were to attend a charity walk at a park neither of us had been to before. I was resisting going because of the hassle to get there – hey we’d already paid our money, did we really have to walk? This sounds ridiculous, but there were a few factors that day. It was 80 degrees in Seattle without a cloud in the sky and on a normal [cloudy] day, navigating through the narrow, fast-paced streets of this city is stressful. Then, close the major on-ramp to the interstate closest to us which means we’re re-routed downtown with the entire population of the city and then some outside, or in their cars attempting to get somewhere to be outside also navigating the closure made me want to hide under my bed and never come out.

Luckily, my husband is adventurous and practical. We were going.

And after a few detours, a lot of traffic, and getting lost we turned the bend into the park and were met with this wonder, this moment of awe, this moment of: I can't believe I was going to miss this for a little convenience:


We were also met by an excited friend that was grateful we were supporting her event, a wonderful walk in the beautiful weather, learning how water tanks are saving people’s lives and the discovery of an amazing oasis we didn’t even know existed.

 -Jennifer Anderson is Content Director of The Authenticity Project, you can contact Jennifer at