Awareness Generation

I’ve got it covered. I wear my shoes with the blue and white flag. I have the special coffee mug that gives proceeds to underprivileged families. I’ve attended more video screenings than I can count and have a sock drawer full of souvenir bracelets to prove it. In fact I am aware of so many things these days, I’m not really sure what I’m aware of anymore.

Have you ever felt like this?  There are so many things that tug on our hearts, minds, and lives. But as each of us journey on a winding path throughout our lives, we have to make choices. To give our hearts to something that has crossed our paths like injustice happening in Uganda. Or poverty in Argentina. Taking action to make an impact often transforms the one who gives, or serves at least as much as the recipient.

My year changed two months ago. When I opened up that sock drawer and saw all of the causes I’ve been “aware” of. There was silence and sadness in my heart for an hour as I wondered how I’d been mistaking authentic action and transformation for buying a bracelet. Don’t get me wrong, we cannot act from our authentic identity if we aren’t aware of something. But I’m afraid we (this generation) is settling for wearing some trendy shoes with a “purpose.” Will this be a generation of awareness? Or one that invests their lives authentically into true and meaningful action?

What does authentic and meaningful action look like for you?

Adam Rae is the Finance Director for The Authenticity Project

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