Run, Spot, Run


People commonly say that as a society, we are getting more and more impatient. Our attention spans are getting shorter and we are constantly looking for the “next thrill”.

Normally, I am a person who hates to hear clichés and when I do my mind goes to that of a stubborn old man, trying to downplay or destroy whatever the message is that the cliché meant to convey. However, there are a few that just cannot be shaken…


Recently I have had to deal with the dreaded horrors of a “Wi-Fi-less” house. If you have ever had to deal with such a situation you can understand the frustration when your electronic gadgets and gizmos that you spend your hard earned money on aren’t working properly.


So you go through the motions. You reset your connection and restart your router. This does nothing but make you feel like you have wasted your time (approximately 20 seconds). Next, you call your Internet provider in hopes of something just short of a miracle. After speaking with three different representatives and what seems like a half an hour of listening to elevator music, you are told that they will send a truck to your house in two or three days. Out of complete frustration, you hung up the phone and drive 30mph over the speed limit to the nearest RadioShack to buy a new router, modem, etc.


Despite what most people think about themselves when everything is going normal in their lives, when a hurdle finds its way into our track we would much rather quit that race than take the effort to jump. Instead of locating and fixing the problem, we would rather make a shopping trip to an electronics store and replace everything. We start over completely, because someway, somehow that gives us a form of gratification.

As hard as it may be to endure the pain that these obstacles give us, we can’t give up. We can’t start over. Whatever the race you are running may be, you ran off the starting line for a reason. Jump the hurdles and finish the race. It is easier to quit and start over than it is to overcome the obstacles that appear in your way. Remember, running a race with hurdles is better than dodging hurdles and forfeiting the race.