I am a high school senior. I have not traveled the world. I have not met world leaders. I am not ‘read up’. Heck, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life yet! However, one thing I do know for sure—there is immense power in the self that I believe we all have.

February is extremely well known as the month of loving each other. What is not so well known is the importance of loving yourself. This sounds like a selfish, vain goal to strive for, but it is quite the opposite. I don’t think we can really truly serve others, care for others, and empower others until we see our own self-worth. Really, what if we loved ourselves?  Every person has potential—a renaissance-era idea, with a possible modern-day impact. The beauty of life is that we do not need to be perfect because when different talents are combined and UNIFIED, amazing things can happen.

Think about this: if every person, all 7,000,000,000+ people on this planet, identified their potential—his or her gift, and used it to brighten others - imagine the chain reaction! The global peace. The unity. The love. And it starts with loving yourself! Now, don’t worry, I already know I am an optimist. But negativity and doubt is the reason this kind of beauty can’t happen! So if we overcome the classic case of pessimism, we could take the first step. You could take the first step.

You have potential; do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It does not need to be external; I am a prime example of this! I am not a dancer. I am not a singer. I am not an artist. I am not an athlete. However, I am a server. Your potential can be as simple as that.


Find it.

Capitalize on it.

Change the world.

Guest Post by Haden Whiting, High School Senior.