Underlining Uncertainty

Asking out the cutest girl in your class.

Building a large project with your dad’s tools in the garage.

Introducing yourself to the star quarterback of your high school.

Suggesting a new way to handle things to your boss to improve company productivity.

Following a path in your life that looks unlike any other you have ever seen.

What causes someone to not do these things? Uncertainty.

Uncertainty can be a sense of intelligence telling you to protect yourself from doing something, or it can be used like a bolt of lightning to power your inner ‘flux capacitor’ and send you to a 1985 that is changed to a new and improved life.

Let’s face it, we all stop ourselves from following through on an idea we had because we are uncertain about how it will turn out, uncertain how will it make us feel after it is completed, or how it might make us look to others. This uncertainty hinders the idea that spawned in our imagination from becoming reality, meeting its potential. I recently heard an interview with the original creators of the television cartoon, “The Simpsons”, where they explained it is very rare in TV and music for all the components to be right from the outset of the project. Just like any task, getting every component perfect the first time around is highly unlikely. You will have a better chance at finding Waldo in a candy cane village than you will at getting each component exactly right the first time around.

Take the uncertainty that rolls into your mind and run with it. You may fall right out of the gate but your persistence and the evolution of your journey holds so much potential that you cannot just let it slip on by, leaving you wondering: “what if?”.

Ben Heydt is the Media Director for The Authenticity Project; you can contact Ben at TheAuthenticityProject@gmail.com